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The 8 year old birthday party went well on Saturday! It was pretty full on, and I've learnt what not to do next time. Also, I think it would be better for kids even just a few years older. So many of them came back to me 15 minutes later wanting me to do it again cause they had rubbed all the nail polish off!

The make up job I did after that went well, too! I was really happy with how it looked. Plus I've got another job booked in for Friday night. Nails and toes for 2 people. It's getting to the point where I have jobs every week! Just through word of mouth, so if I actually advertised it would be even better! It's pretty exciting!

Work is stressing me out quite a bit at the moment. Or workload is increasing and there is so much pressure to get it all done, but it's not reasonable or realistic! And nikki and marina don't know that because they've never done our jobs! Plus they delegate all their work to us cause they don't actually know what they're doing. When I'm around one of them on their own, they ask me so many questions and ask my opinion on things. I just want to say something about the fact that they said I am not capable of anything and have no trust in my decision making or abilities. I've been getting tension headaches really regularly, and I can't seem to get rid of them. Pain killers don't even work!

My parents got a kitten on the weekend. I have been wanting them them to get a pet again for years, so I'm glad. And I think they are, too!
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I have been wanting more skirts and dresses, but am really picky with what I like. I wanted some that had patterns on them, rather than just one colour. I was looking on and found a few I like, so then mum can make me some skirts and dresses. Or actually she wants to teach me to make my own..
I want a straight/business skirt in...

And then a dress or skirt in...


Another one I thought would've good for our 'orange Wednesday' at work is..

I just love the damask design lately!

I met some friends at Pacific Fair today, and unexpectedly bought a dress for my party. And I could wear it to work, too. I loooove it, but have never spent so much on a dress before, other than my wedding dress! So many others were on sale, but not this one. It was $280!

I have really white legs and didn't shave so I kept my tights on...

This is the picture from the website..

Another one I tried on is quite similar to one of the materials above, so I can get mum to make it..

They are a little longer than I prefer, but so pretty!!!

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That's weird, I have just realized the app on my phone was no longer set to post entries as friends only ad a default. I just edited all the entries that were public to private, and for some reason one of the entries that was from a few weeks ago, has changed dates to today. I don't know how to change it back now!

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As always, it's been awhile! I thought I might as well do an entry since I've got some time to waste. I pick Steve up from work, but I'm an hour early today! I'll go get some groceries while I'm waiting, too.

I'm sitting in my car and it smells like champagne. I went out with some friends from work on Saturday night, and beforehand my friend Naomi came over to get ready. We bought two bottles of champagne and had one at home and took the other one with us to drink on the way, as Steve was our designated driver for the night! We only drank half of it, and we left it in the car. I forgot about it until this morning when I got to work and noticed it sitting in the back on the floor. After work, I got in the car to an overwhelming smell of alcohol, and found that the remainder of the bottle has spilt all over the floor of my car! Haha! It was a fun night though!

The weekend coming up is a long weekend, I can't wait! It's been over a year since my last holiday, I need to organise some time off soon! I just want to relax for awhile!

Even though I always tell myself this, I'm going to try and post more on here!

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For the past 1 and a half weeks now, I have heard a mouse (or mice!) chewing through the wall in my bedroom. How long does it take for them to get through? It is keeping me awake at night - I've been awake since 3am. Work is going to be hard today. Sonic and Tails better get them when they do get through!

Then I've been doing research (at 4am this morning), and found that a lot of unexplained house fires are caused by mice eating through electrical wires, so now I'm also very paranoid about that!!

It's going to be a loooong day!
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Ooh, I don't know how slow I am with this, but I just found the Soundwave line up for next year and I'm pretty excited!

Nine Inch Nails
Alice In Chains
Bloodhound Gang
Scars On Broadway
Lamb Of God
Alkaline Trio
Billy Talent
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Face To Face
In Flames
Rival Schools
The Subways
Every Time I Die
Funeral For A Friend
Less Than Jake
Poison The Well
Madina Lake
New Found Glory
From First To Last
Bedouin Soundclash
Say Anything
Saves The Day
Lacuna Coil
36 Crazyfists
Straylight Run
Evergreen Terrace
Minus The Bear
Ace Enders (The Early November)
I Am The Avalanche
Jaguar Love
Houston Calls
The Audition
Attack In Black
In This Moment
The Riverboat Gamblers
Horse The Band
Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster

Al the bands I am most excited about I have already seen, but thats ok. Hellogoodbye, Houston Calls, New Found Glory and Emery. Feb 2, and the RNA showgrounds!
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I went to the hospital today for a blood test and check up to see how everything's going now. thankfully, my blood test came back normal. My iron levels are fine now! But unfortunately, they still haven't figured out what the problem was, so the doctor put me down to have the colonoscopy and endoscopy done. He said I should get a letter within the next month some time, giving me a few days notice to when I'll have to go in. I'm dreading it, and I always have the mindset that if there is something wrong I'd prefer not to know, but I know I need to.

I was going to watch all of the olympic opening ceremony tonight, but I'm too tired so I'll just watch it another time.

So glad it's Friday!
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We've had Sonic for just over a year now, and thought it might be good to get him a brother or sister before he gets too old. We have been thinking about it for a while, and on Sunday when we went to do some grocery shopping, we came home with a kitten! Tails! He is so cute! But so cheeky! I'm having trouble with him - I never realised just how lucky we were with how well behaved Sonic is! For the first day and a half, Sonic hated him, but now they seem to be friends. They run around the house wrestling, but then sometimes you catch them sleeping next to each other, or licking each other! :)


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We had our engagement party on Saturday night! I was getting a bit stressed about it, as we were so disorganised, and I wasn't sure if anyone would turn up, but it was lots of fun! Although cold! We had it in the park behinf my parents house, and had it start at 3pm, since it was outside, and its cold now. It was warm when the sun was still out, but as soon as it had gone down, it was freezing! And I was wearing a dress, which I have only done one other time since my grade 12 formal, and I was SO COLD! Actually finding a dress to wear was a huge task. I tried on so many, and they all looked horrible on me, but I finally found one that everyone agreed looked ok. I had my parents, Steve, and all the store employees helping me! haha. They were all passing so many dresses over the fitting room door! My sister took my camera and got lots of pictures, so I thought I'd post some!



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It was a fun night!

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i'm so glad it's friday. i was a bit worried about going to work today, thinking i would cry anytime anyone asked me about muffin, but i got through it pretty well. but now i'm home alone, and have nothing to do, and i'm feeling bad again. maybe i should go out and get some chocolate..

we have a busy weekend coming up, so hopefully that'll keep all the sad thoughts out of my mind.
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